12 Great Pets For People With Allergies

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For people with allergies, some breeds are better than others.

Pets are one of the best parts of life, plain and simple. Whether you have a dog or cat, bird or bunny, taking care of a pet is a relationship filled with unconditional love. After all, pets are always there for you and they supply abundant joy.

So it’s upsetting when a person who really wants a pet is allergic. In most allergic reactions, it is the animal’s dander, saliva or urine that poses the problem. Many times, if you can rectify or lessen the allergen, a person can lead a very healthy life with a traditional pet, like a dog or cat. On the whole, cats tend to be more troublesome for allergy sufferers than dogs because they lick their coats in order to clean them much more often than dogs do.

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