Blood Test Identifies Breeds In Your Mixed Pup

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What do you think our pup is mixed with? Definitely some Lab in there, but what else?

A little over a year ago, I was really obsessed with getting a big dog to bring into our furry family that already had a Chihuahua and a few cats. I dreamed of a big, black Labrador Retriever like the ones I’d see in my neighborhood, prancing down the street with their wide, stocky shoulders. While Labs are not inherently large, like say a Great Dane or Mastiff, I have an extreme affection for them. So when we set out to North Shore Animal League in New York, we chose our adorable black Lab mix. At 8 weeks, she was on the big side and we thought she’d grow to be rather large. Lo and behold, a year and a half later, she is a little under 50 pounds. While we knew she was a Lab mix, we never knew for sure what the other side of her lineage held, and ever since we brought her home, we keep guessing what the other half actually is.
She has a spotted tongue which our vet says must mean she has some Chow Chow in her family descendants. But she also points with her nose a lot and could easily be part Pointer. Then again, sometimes she makes really Pitty faces and we think she must have some Pit Bull in her. Of course, it doesn’t really matter what she is; to us she’s perfect, but I would love to know her other half, so to speak just out of plain curiosity.
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