10 Photos of Doggie Weddings

flickr Spudrick 199x300 10 Photos of Doggie Weddings
Just got married!

Besides the long-awaited (or long-dreaded depending on how you feel!) end of the school year, June is most notably known for weddings! Wedding season has definitely sprung and is currently in full force. Just look at how many photos of brides and grooms can be found in your Facebook newsfeed alone.
We’d be remiss here at Babble Pets if we didn’t pay tribute to this loving institution this month. There have been many doggie weddings, a few kitty nuptials, and several ceremonies for all other sorts of animals.
One of the funniest is from the NBC show Parks and Recreation when Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) holds a same-sex marriage for the penguins! I mean, who says that only humans can share their life with another?
So we’ve gathered the absolute most beautiful (albeit furry) brides and the most charming grooms to bring you Doggie Weddings 2012!

See all the photos at Babble Pets....
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