Dog Vacay Service Allows Owners To Enjoy Their Vacations

sad pup vacay 229x300 Dog Vacay Service Allows Owners To Enjoy Their Vacations
Could you leave a face like this in a kennel while you go out partying?

Going on vacation when you have pets always poses a dilemma. Unless you have family or friends who will take your dog in and treat them like their own, you are faced with the unappealing task of placing your beloved pet in a kennel.
Aaron and Karine Nissim Hirschhorn of Santa Monica set out to find a solution to that exact problem and in the process created a fabulous business where dogs can stay with a host family while owners are away.DogVacay is a website that sets up owners and host families for a fee, like a kennel. The big difference is that the host families will treat your dog as you do, no cages or kennels involved.  And it has all the bases covered.
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