Conked Out: Puppies Too Tired To Eat (Photos)

pup in bowl 300x225 Conked Out: Puppies Too Tired To Eat (Photos)
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When our black lab, Django was a puppy, she would run around like a maniac and then in a split second conk out and fall fast asleep no matter where she was. Our vet, Dr. Montella calls it “energizer bunny syndrome”. He says puppies go full force in the energy department but when they run out, they collapse like a toy with dead batteries.
It’s a pretty cute phenomena, and if you’ve ever owned a puppy, you probably have some really adorable pictures of the crazy places they were found sleeping. Growing pups just can’t help themselves, but sometimes full grown dogs are fond of impromptu naps, too.
Sometimes, they even give out before they get a meal.
Check out these adorable photos of puppies and dogs just too doggone tired to eat!
See all the photos at Disney's Babble Pets...
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