Woman Smashes Stranger’s Car Window To Save Dog Trapped In Hot Car

 dogs hot cars
What would you do if you saw a dog trapped inside a hot car? Local officials usually recommend that you call the police or nearest animal welfare agency and report it.  While that may be a helpline, depending on how long you have to wait until someone comes to help is a gamble with a dog’s life. Every minute counts when a dog is trapped inside on a sweltering day, or even a mildly hot day since temperature quickly rise inside a closed car.
There is actually a meme making the waves around Facebook lately that says “ Heat Advisory Warning: Leaving a dog, child, or cat inside a hot car will result in your windows being smashed with a brick.” Harsh? Perhaps, but I say necessary when it comes to the safety of an animal. One Albuquerque woman, Susanne Jones took matters into her own hands when she noticed a dog sizzling inside a car outside of a medical clinic.
Click here to see what happened when the woman helped the dog trapped in the hot car...

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