Adorable Photos Of Dogs Praying

hounddog boy 255x300 Adorable Photos Of Dogs Praying

You know, even our canine friends get spiritually lost sometimes despite all our efforts to keep them centered.
Go to bed and say your prayers. Many of us say this to our children, but how many of us say it to our dogs? From the looks of the photos below, it seems that just maybe a few of us actually do.
But sometimes their devotional aspirations are more self centered, and they just want more stuff, like food, for example. After all, food motivated pups will do everything they can for an extra scrap from the dinner table, including saying a prayer or two.
And when their owners deny them a treat, or they can quite work out a problem (say like that pesky cat next door), they turn to a higher power.
Check out these adorable photos of dogs praying on Babble Pets...

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