Dog Grabs (and Eats) Raw Cabbage Head (VIDEO)

dog cabbage Dog Grabs (and Eats) Raw Cabbage Head (VIDEO)
This may be the cutest dog of the week- watch him chomp away.

If you’ve owned dogs long enough, you’ve probably had at least one pooch grab a piece of steak or chicken or some kind of other enticing food from the table when you weren’t looking. My black German Shepherd, Roxy once helped herself to a few slices of roast beef. That’s when I learned to never turn my back on any food that was within my dog’s reach.
But even my cats have cashed in on the fun, stealing a drumstick here and a meatball there. My black cat, Baby, stole a hard-boiled egg during Easter two years ago and then ran down into the basement to eat it. Baby surely has some quirky taste.
Some dogs’ cravings are even stranger. Take for example, this dog Maymo who is doingeverything he can to get at the food on the kitchen table.
Watch the video at Babble Pets...
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