Gorgeous Siberian Husky Says “I Love You”

images Gorgeous Siberian Husky Says I Love You
Do you think your dog can say "I love you"?
My black lab, Django, is a bit of a hugger. When I come home, she will greet me with a full-fledged two-shoulder hug and I admit, I love it. I never taught her to do it, she just naturally picked it up (probably because I hug her so much). But there’s something I’d like to teach her to do: talk.
She seems like she wants to. Sometimes, when I talk to her, she’ll give me a whine/growl back. Yesterday, I could have sworn she said “how”.
Of course, there are many dogs who talk, or seem to talk whether they understand what they’re saying or not. I came across a video of Mishka, a Siberian Husky saying “I love you.”
See it at Babble Pets...
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