How Back-to-School Time Affects Your Dog

131273638 e6a116cda3 300x300 How Back to School Time Affects Your Dog
Is your dog down in the dumps about back-to-school time?
Our black lab Django and our Chihuahua Hayley  have gotten pretty spoiled this summer. There is usually someone home at any given time for them to play with, hang out with outside, or  to hand off a treat here and there.  I was just thinking the other day how dramatically their worlds will change in just two weeks when the kids head back to school.
Since my kids are in grammar school, high school, and college, our schedules will change at the speed of lighting on September 5th, and the once lazy hazy days of hanging poolside with a barbecue going will be replaced by fast-paced mornings and hectic evenings. The dogs won’t likely get much affection until late afternoon.
Hayley is about 10 and she does fine on her own if left to her own devices, but Django is one and a half and a total mush. She loves nothing more than hanging with us and as long as she is with us, she’s perfectly happy. As it turns, out that may be part of the problem.
A recent article on Vetstreet outlined ways to keep your dogs from being destructive once the kids go back to school citing it as the “hardest time of year for dogs”. 
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