NYC Carriage Horse Throws Passengers Into Streets – Why Horses Don’t Belong In Congested NYC Traffic

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Horses should not be providing rides in the midst of insane, noisy traffic.
While walking around New York City, every single time I go near Central Park, and Columbus Circle in particular, I cringe. I wince because all you see amidst the countless traffic and pedestrians are carriage horses everywhere, going in and out of noisy car lanes, for the sole purpose of riding people around to have a “New York experience.” To me, it’s nothing but cruel. I don’t care how many breaks the horses are given and if law enforcement makes sure they are taken off the streets when the temps get too hot: horses shouldn’t be in the middle of midtown traffic day after day. It’s unnatural.
So I wasn’t surprised when I heard that yesterday a horse named Oreo got spooked and became so upset that he unhinged himself from the carriage and took off downthe park, tossing two Australian passengers into the street.  He ran and finally collapsed on the street after police shot him with a tranquilizer, kneeling down, looking utterly pathetic. The photos are heartbreaking. Eventually, the mounted police unit took the horse with them to get checked out by a vet.
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