When Your Pet Is Not Quite Right: Subtle Signs of Disease

sleeping dog 300x199 When Your Pet Is Not Quite Right: Subtle Signs of Disease
Excessive sleeping can sometimes signal a problem in your pet.
Has you dog or cat ever seemed to be acting different? Not outright sick but a little off? Depending on the symptoms, those very subtle, almost silent changes in behavior and habits could signal a health problem.
Years ago, we had an orange Tabby named Jason. He was finicky (and a little cranky) from kittenhood. When he was about 10, he became even more so. He started to sleep and eat more than normally had, and he began to drink voraciously, so much so that he would urinate an obscene amount. It was so odd that it demanded a trip to the vet who diagnosed him with diabetes. His blood sugar was almost 500. From then on, he needed insulin injections and lived for another year or so after that. Had we not taken him to the vet when we noticed his odd behavioral changes, the vet said he would have died quite soon.
It’s easy when we see a sore or a wound on our cat or dog, or when they are vomiting or having another obvious reaction, but often, indirect signs can indicate a health problem.
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