Adorable Yellow Lab Reunites With Owner, Goes Ballistic (Video)

dog military Adorable Yellow Lab Reunites With Owner, Goes Ballistic (Video)
This dog was really longing for her owner to come home!
I adore dog videos, especially the ones that show the unbridled emotion and love for owners who have been away. Everyone thinks of military family members and the sacrifices that they make by watching their loved ones go off to a warzone for months or even years at a time.
But we really don’t think often about the dogs that are also left longing for their owner. Like humans, dogs really feel the loss of their loved one not being there and are completely ecstatic upon their return.
Welcome Home Blog showcases heartfelt videos of military reuniting with family and pets upon their return home.
This video below shows an ecstatic yellow lab seeing her owner for the first time. The owner, didn’t even believe that she would miss him.
He thought wrong:
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