Gorillas In Her Midst: Dad Defends Letting Gorilla Play With Toddler (VIDEO)

gorilla 2 300x225 Gorillas In Her Midst: Dad Defends Letting Gorilla Play With Toddler (VIDEO)
The gorillas carried the toddler around like one of her own babies.
One of the most important aspects of owning a dog and raising children is teaching them both how to respect each other, which helps keep them safe.  With very young children, it’s the parents’ job to be vigilant and constantly supervising. Even under the best circumstances, a loving dog can snip at an unknowing toddler if he/she innocently pulls his ear or tail too hard.
There have been many instances of dogs biting children that were neither the dog nor the child’s fault, but the parents because they simply weren’t watching their kids. Leaving a dog and a toddler in a room together can be deadly because in the end, dogs are animals, even if they are domesticated as pets.
Can you imagine the raising your toddler alongside a gorilla? One family did just that and even let their 18-month-old toddler daughter play with the immense creature as she would with a brother or sister. The video is shocking parents who cannot even fathom seeing their child being picked up by a 300 -pound gorilla and carried around. But conservation activist and gorilla expert, Damian Aspinall maintains that what he did was completely safe and that by releasing the 22-year-old video, he is attempting to show how gentle gorillas really are.
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