The Special Look Of A Calico Cat (PHOTOS)

face paw 300x199 The Special Look Of A Calico Cat (PHOTOS)
The rich, stunning colors of a calico cat are simply beautiful.
Out of all the cats I’ve ever had since I was a kid, I’ve only had one calico. Her name was Kelly and she was a little cranky. She was beautiful though and people always commented on how just how gorgeous she was to look at. With deep green eyes, she was mostly white with black on her back and red patches here and there.
I knew she was special but I never knew about the characteristics of calico cats. First of all, calico cats are not a breed, but rather a color blend of white, black, and orange. They are almost always female (but male calicos do exist).
The color of a cat’s coat is sex-linked. Since female cats carry two X  chromosomes  (XX) and males carry (XY), females can display two colors on an X chromosome. A male calico is sort of a freak of nature because they would have to have two X chromosomes and are typically sterile. In humans, it’s called Klinefelter’s syndrome (XXY Syndrome).
So are calicos extra special or are they just like redheads in humans? Take a look through these photos where these calicos answer that question themselves!
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