Django Unleashed: Not Sure That Will Ever Happen

IMG 2587 300x300 Django Unleashed: Not Sure That Will Ever Happen
Don't let her innocent looks fool you. Behind that cool smile is a loose cannon who, without a leash, would be gone at the first squirrel sighting.
When my son heard me talking about the movie Django Unchained, set to premiere around Christmas this year, he said he wanted to take a video of our black lab Django and show her running around our yard without a leash.
That would be our version of Django Unchained because she is never, ever leash-less in public.
I don’t think I’d ever get to the point where I’d be comfortable with her off a leash. As it is now, she is wild on a leash. Although she’ll soon be two years old, she is one spirited pup and gets overly excited at other dogs, squirrels, birds… you name it.
However, over at Vetstreet, Mikkel Becker explains that dogs love to be off a leash and run around freely. Since some dogs were bred to run and chase, running is basically in their blood. Other breeds don’t mind staying close to their owners. As with many other things, you’ve got to know your dog before you consider letting him run about freely.
Read the full story at Disney's Babble Pets...
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