Pig Saves Baby Goat: Too Incredible To Witness

pig 300x168 Pig Saves Baby Goat: Too Incredible To Witness
Heroic lil pig
Have you ever seen something that restored your faith in the world? I think I just did.
A baby goat became trapped in the water at a petting zoo and had no idea how to save himself. He was screaming and screeching in horror.
The person filming the video called out for help but before anyone could come, something purely amazing happened.
That’s when a pig, (yes a pig!) leaped in the water and literally saved his goat buddy by pushing his body out and showing him where to go.
I am making none of this up and I’m telling that even when you see the video, you still may not believe it. I still don’t myself.
All I can think of is Babe. Remember how humanlike the pigs were and how it broke your heart when Babe was almost slaughtered? Real-life pigs couldn’t be like that, I thought…until now.
Watch the video for yourself and then tell me your immediate reaction in the comment section below.
Mine was sheer and utter joy. 
What a way to start a morning!

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