Why Do Cats Head Nudge?

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Love tap?
My cats bunked in with my son last week when our house flooded from Hurricane Sandy. One of our cats, Lily, a striped tiger tabby who tends to be the most affectionate of the bunch, enjoyed the new room more than Cleo and Baby did. They didn’t mind the change of scenery, but Lily liked the chance to sleep with my son at night. Even more than that, she loved being able to constantly give him little head nudges.
It’s cute whenever she comes close to our heads and gives a slight head butt and the rubs her face around our necks. Although when she does it while we are sleeping (as did to my son last week), it’s not as fun.
I just always assumed that it was love nudge, the equivalent of a human hug for a feline, but there is more to it than just that.
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