The Most Heartwarming Pet Stories of 2012

The Most Heartwarming Pet Stories of 2012 via BabbleThere have been countless times in 2012 when I will stumble upon a pet story that not only puts a smile on my face, but gets me out a seemingly bad day. Animals have that unique ability to soothe, comfort and relax. And they can also make you laugh hysterically in a way that nothing else can.
Like so many of you, I would be utterly lost without my furry family  and I am thrilled to be able to write about animals every single day here at Babble Pets.
So I’ve compiled a gathering of the absolute most heartwarming pet stories I’ve covered in 2012. Some will make you laugh out loud and others might cause you to shed a tear. Each one showcases a beautiful and special animal!

Click here for the most heartwarming pet stories of 2012:

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