10 People-Sized Pooches (Photos)

10 People Sized Pooches People-Sized (Photos)When I adopted our black lab mix, Django from North Shore Animal Center in Long Island, New York, back in 2010, I had high hopes for her.
You see, I was seeking a puppy that would grown into a big dog… a big sloppy, furry mess of a dog that would become my best furry friend. Django’s paws were big and although they couldn’t tell us exactly what she was mixed with, I figured the lab part of her gave her a good chance of being on the big size. She wouldn’t be a St. Bernard for sure, but I really had other choice because when they wheeled her into the adoption room and she looked at me with those eyes, I knew she was mine.
I still have visions of owning a big, no huge sloppy, monster of a dog like the ones in the photos below. They aren’t just large; they’re people-sized dogs… and ridiculously cute.
Check them out here at Babble Pets...
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