12 Sweet Puppy and Baby Duos (Photos)

12 Sweet Puppy and Baby Duos (Photos) via BabbleI have a hard question for you animal loving parents out there. What is cuter: puppies or babies?
On one hand, babies are cooing, soft bundles of innocence, but puppies are soft, furry little packages of delight. While you do have to feed and train puppies, on the plus side, you don’t have to ever change their diapers!
Seriously, asking which group is cuter is like comparing chocolate to ice cream. Both are scrumptious, just like these duos. While puppies and babies are each arguably more adorable than the other, together they create the perfect “ahhh” moments, not to mention a respite from a busy day and a quick mental pick-me-up.
Click through these photos for the absolute cutest pairs of newborns at Babble Pets.
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