Kitties and Kiddies: 10 Delightful Photos For Cat Lovers

Cats and Kids: 10 Delightful Photos For Cat Lovers via BabbleNot everybody like cats but those that do are true cat lovers till the end. Most cat lovers (like dog lovers) grow up with pets in the family. When we recall our favorite childhood memories and happenings, so many of them include our cherished pets. I was one of those children.
We had two dogs and five cats for most of my life. Now, as an adult, we have pets of all kinds, from fish and frogs to kitties and pups, so our family is filled with kids and furry family of all ages.
Cats make wonderful pets for people who aren’t home as much and don’t have the time to dedicate to the training and acre of a dog. Cats are also a fabulous first pet for children. Thinking of getting a cat or a kitty for your child?
Click through these loving photos of cats and children and see if they don’t send you running to a shelter to adopt your child’s new best friend.

Think cats and dogs don't get along? Think again... here is proof they are the bestest of friends!
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