Man Surprises Girlfriend With Pug Puppy After Her Dog Was Put To Sleep: Grab The Tissues (In A Good Way!)

man surprises girlfriend with pug puppy
If you have ever had to put down a beloved pet, you know how incredibly heart wrenching it is. You know it was something you had to do, but your best friend is gone and you miss him terribly, achingly, wholeheartedly.
That was just what happened to the woman in this video. Her 10-year-old beagle had to be euthanized because he had a heart tumor and she was grieving incredibly over his loss. So her boyfriend decided to surprise her with a new pug puppy.
Although the video was shot over a year ago, it has recently gone viral. I can understand why.
Watch as the woman comes in and sees her brand new best friend. I don’t know what is more emotional… watching her face when she sees this beautiful puppy or seeing the lil guy kiss her face as if to say, “Stop crying, here I am.”
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