12 Photos of Dogs Dressed As Babies

When I was eight years old, we brought home an eight-week old puppy who was half Doberman and half Rottweiler. She was huge and we named her Schatzie. Despite her size, I tried as best as I could to treat her like a baby (my maternal instincts kicked in quite early!).
While my mother was at work one day, I lugged my baby carriage that was stored in the basement out into the street and put Schatzie in it to the dismay of many old ladies on my Brooklyn street who peered into the carriage prepared to see a googly baby but got a full view of sloppy, drooling Schatzie instead.
Later when I confessed to my mother, she found it funny and let me do it again before we put away the carriage. I couldn’t find any baby clothes but I did rummage up a few blankets to tuck her in. If I had found baby clothes, well, you know what I would have done…
And apparently, I wouldn’t have been alone because it seems that a lot of people dress their dogs up in onesies and toddler shorts.
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