APAW Saves Pet Owners Money and Helps Find Affordable Pet Healthcare

APAW Saves Pet Owners Money
Everyone, regardless of financial status should be able to enjoy the love of a pet, and every pet deserves to be taken care of adequately.
If you’ve ever had a sick pet, you know exactly how quickly the cost of a trip to the vet and medication can add up. And even if your pet has never been sick, mere regular health maintenance, such as heartworm prevention, can be a draining part of a family’s budget.
Barbara Trulio recognized this as a pet owner, and when her dog became sick, she lived it. That’s when she decided to start the company, Advocacy for Pets and Affordable Wellness (APAW). This national coalition of pet owners and advocates are “dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of America’s pets and empowering pet owners everywhere to demand affordable, quality health care and medicine for their animals.”
Their main goal is to inform pet owners that they can find cheaper alternatives in pet healthcare, including filling your pet’s prescription at a pharmacy instead of buying it directly from the vet. The savings can be quite large. The website, has a pet app where you can calculate your savings, personal tales from people who saved money, and a list of stores which accommodate pet owners with big savings.
APAW believes that ”the human-pet bond is unlike any other experience and the joy of owning a pet shouldn’t be just a right of the wealthy.”
Well said.
I asked Barbara Trulio how it all began, and what inspired her to take a leap from the corporate world to work for the advocacy of pets and pet owners. 
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