Vacation Time: 5 Tips For Packing a Puppy Bag When You Board Your Dog

5 Travel Musts For Packing a Puppy Bag When Your Dog Is Boarded
Comforts from home will help your pup adjust to boarding.
For pet owners, deciding to take a vacation can be a daunting undertaking. Unless you have family who are ready, willing, and able to pitch in, and take care of your pet until you get back home, the decision can be unnerving. Resolving to board your dog is something that many owners are not willing to do. Some owners decide to leave their pet home and hire a pet-sitter instead. (Here are 5 things you need to know before you hire one.)
However, if you are not comfortable with traditional boarding, you might want to check out DogVacay, a website that sets up owners and host families for a fee, in which the host families will treat your dog as you do (with no cages or kennels involved.)
If you decide that boarding is for you and your dog, once you find loving people who will care for your dog while you’re away, the next thing to do is pack up some necessities (as well as comfort items) to make the transition as smooth as possible.
We asked DogVacay for some tips on what to pack in your pup’s bag to prepare for his/her boarding experience.... click here to read them all.

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