10 Tips For De-Stressing...From Our Pets!

It’s been well documented that having a pet provides numerous health benefits. From a stronger cardiovascular system as a result of regular walks and exercise to having a furry shoulder to lean on, dogs and cats bring many health benefits to their owners. Some dogs are trained as anxiety dogs and therapy dogs with the sole purpose of giving comfort and support t0 the vulnerable and worried.
Whether trained or not, pets seem to have that sixth sense that speaks to their owner’s inner feelings. How many times have you felt sad or sick and had your dog or cat cuddle up next to you as if to say “It’s OK” or “ It will get better” or even “I’m here for you”.
 My dog, Django, instinctively knows when I’m feeling under the weather or depressed, and she does her best to lighten things up, with either a cuddle or a puppy hug. Nine out of ten times, it works.
Click here for 10 tips from our pets for de-stressing!
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