ALDF Crime App Lets Users Report Animal Abuse Instantly

ALDF Crime App Lets Users Report Animal Abuse InstantlyThe first step in helping any animal that is being abused is to report the abuse to the proper authorities. However, many times people don’t want to get involved because they are either afraid of putting themselves into a dangerous situation or they don’t want the abusers to find out who reported them and retaliate. Now a new, free app takes that into consideration and allows people to report animal abuse straight from their phones by using the ALDF Crime App.
Developed by the Animal League Defense Fund,  this app will alert proper authorities to animal abuse and/or neglect.
As the ALDF explains, “If you live in a jurisdiction that is already connected with ALDF Crime Tips—many jurisdictions across the nation already are—then the tip goes direct to your local law enforcement. If your local authorities are not yet connected with the app, then the tip goes to a call center staffed with individuals who will quickly locate the appropriate local authorities and forward the tips to the correct contact for your jurisdiction.”
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