Amazing! Elderly Woman Explains How Her Dog Was Killed in Oklahoma Tornado Gets Huge Surprise Live on TV

dog alive tornadoThe tornado in Oklahoma has left countless families devastated. Family members and pets were snatched up in an instant swoop by Mother Nature and today, residents are picking up the pieces. So many of us who are not in the area are watching from our TV screens and computers in shock and horror, and we cant quite imagine what these people are going through.
Through all the destruction, there is a bleep of good fortune in the individual experiences. Here is one as an elderly woman explains how her dog was killed in Oklahoma tornado. It is simply amazing.
Barbara Garcia was speaking with CBS News’ Anna Werner in a live interview, recalling how she was sitting in her house in a chair with her dog on her lap:
“I hollered for my little dog and he didn’t answer,” she says as she starts to cry when suddenly Werner looks over at nosies coming from the rubble and says, “A dog, it’s a dog!”
Watch the video here!
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