The Strange Rituals of Pet Owners

pet owners
Django enjoying a snooze on the couch, of course!
On most nights, when we settle in to watch TV or just sit in the living room and catch up, my family will make sure that our black lab, Django has a seat. Hayley, the Chihuahua prefers her snuggly orthopedic bed, but Django loves nothing more than to be smack in the middle of family time. If we sit down and there is no free spot available on the couch, she will pace back and forth and moan or rest her cute chin (rather pathetically) on one of our legs until we make room for her.
It is often at our expense as we tuck up our limbs in order to accommodate her furry self. At night, I often relinquish legroom and wake up with pins and needles in my foot only to find Django sleeping peacefully on my leg. But I don’t mind and to each his/her own when it comes to spoiling your pet, I say.
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