10 Ways Big Dogs Are Awesome! (Photos)

big dogs

When I was little, I wanted a big dog, in fact, I wanted a huge dog. My heart was set on either a St. Bernard or a Great Dane. Growing up, I always had a largish dog. Mindy was a black and tan German Shepherd, Bambi was a black German Shepherd mix, Schatzie was a Rottweiler/Doberman mix, and Roxy was another black Shepherd mix. Our dogs now are nowhere near being big dogs. Django is a lab mix that is a mere 50 pounds and Hayley is a Chihuahua/American Eskie mix.

I have a fond affection for big dogs. They are incredibly beautiful and larger than life pets. Living with a big dog is almost like living with another person: they take up most of the bed or couch, are stronger ad faster than us, and in all likelihood eat more than we do.
Every now and then I like to browse photos of big dogs and I still do want a Great Dane… ( just don’t tell Django or Hayley!).
Check out 10 ways that big dogs are just awesome!
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