Schoep, Arthritic Dog Pictured In Owner’s Arms In Lake Superior, Passes Away
You may recall that last summer a tender and beautiful photo of a man holding his dog in the water went viral. It was a sweet moment as John propped up 19-year-old Schoep to help alleviate his arthritic legs while they floated in Lake Superior.
Back then, John Unger believed that Schoep might be in his last days. So he asked a friend to photograph him and Schoep one last time. The photo went became an internet sensation as animal lovers recognized the beauty of what John was doing and related to the intense bond he had with Schoep.
Since then, Schoep had reportedly been doing well. John believed the treatments he gave him were helping him quite a bit. He took Schoep on regular daily walks and saw improvement.
Just this past Monday, John wrote on their Facebook page:
Hello- A fantastic day we had. Up early to walk and go to the beach, eat, nap, go shopping, eat, laundry, go to the beach, eat, nap and one more walk. All without the humidity, that’s what made it fantastic – especially for Schoep!  Schoep falling asleep in the sunshine. Have a great night – John