Wal-mart Employees Fired For Saving Dogs Trapped In Hot Cars

Wal-mart Employees Fired For Saving Dogs Trapped In Hot CarsTwo Wal-mart workers were fired for coming to the aid of dogs trapped in hot cars. The Ottawa Citizen reports that Carla Cheney, a pharmacy technician, witnessed a man trying to get his Newfoundland dog to get back into the car after the dog had jumped out twice. When Cheney confronted the man, he said it was none of her business. Shortly after that, Cheney witnessed another dog locked inside a hot car and told her manager, who also said this was none of her business and went back in the store. With nowhere to turn, Cheney called the police who quickly responded. Just a few days later, Cheney was terminated and escorted from the store for being rude to a customer.

Similarly, Sean Dhaliwal, another Wal-mart employee, saw a man who frequently left his dog in his hot car while he went shopping, and Dhaliwal spoke to him about it. He was also fired soon after. When the Ottawa Citizen asked Wal-mart about their policy, they said that they would not comment on individual situations but that they had their own guidelines in place for when something this happens. 

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