Now You Can Find Me on ASPCA Parents

When I started out writing about pets, and dogs in particular, I found it quite enjoyable. It really didn't seem like work at all. After years of writing and editing about parenting, the switch to writing about animals was a profound joy. I have felt a special bond with animals ever since I can remember, so working on their behalf is a gift.

Once I got into the groove of pet writing, I started this blog dedicated to dogs, and this, too has been a blessing. It has also graced me with meeting a host of great folks in the pet world, from owners and trainers to CEOs and staffers who have in one way or another, dedicated their lives to helping innocent animals. 

One such organization is the ASPCA. Their singular goal since 1866 has been the "prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States." When I was asked to be a blogger for their new endeavor, ASPCA Parents, I jumped at the chance.

My first post centers on our adorable Chihuahua, Hayley who we rescued seven years ago but who has ended up saving us in many ways, in particular, my daughter Kate. 

Special thanks to Olivia Melikhov for helping make this happen.

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