Obie the Dachshund Loses A Whopping 52 Pounds: Must See Photos

It was exactly a year ago this month when I first wrote about Obie the adorable dachshund that tipped the scales at 77 pounds. After living with elderly owners who overfed him with love, Obie grew so overweight that he was in very bad shape and in danger of an early death. He also endured a terrible quality of life.
Luckily Portland resident, Nora Vanatta, took in the world’s heaviest dachshund and began the very long journey to try to bring Obie back to good health.
Over the past year, Vanatta has consistently fed and exercised Obie in an effort to gradually bring his weight down to an optimal number for this 5-year-old pup. And in merely a year, she has managed to do just that. 

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