10 Hungry Dogs Who Want A Seat At Thanksgiving Dinner! (Photos)

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Three Thanksgivings ago, we had Django just a week or two when we sat down to have our Thanksgiving meal. At barely eight weeks, adorable Django was inconsolable at being left alone in her crate in the adjoining room. At that time, however, she was inconsolable at being left anywhere without us in her newborn state. And honestly, I wanted to be with her as much as possible, too! Still, the scrumptious aroma of Thanksgiving dinner with all of its trimmings didn't help her longing to be at the table.

I made a compromise and brought her lil crate in beside my chair and then held her in my lap when I was finished eating. She was definitely the center of attention that year. Over time, she has learned her place in the family and while she will sit close by our table, she won't pester us or any guests by begging for food....much. Of course, she does put on a truly pathetic, and perhaps perfected, look on her face that beckons a person to give her a little taste of something. (See it for yourself in the link to the slideshow below- she is number 4!).

Django isn't the only dog that would love to be a guest at Thanksgiving dinner this year. I'm willing to bet you have a pup in your home who would do anything to have a seat at the table, too. The hungry dogs below would agree...and they are making their pleas now! Seriously, they deserve just a taste of Aunt Shirley's stuffing, don't they?

See them all here on Babble Pets.
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