Surprising Fact Vets Can Reveal About Your Home From Examining Your Pet

Surprising Fact Vets Can Reveal
From today's Babble Pets:
This past weekend was our second consecutive Saturday spent at our vet’s office. Django had an eye inflammation and ear infection. Both were itchy and driving her crazy. Hayley had a gooey eye (which turned out to be a bacterial infection different from Django’s).
Last week, they were examined and treated; this week was reserved for a progress check-up and annual shots. Each time, before our appointment, I cleaned their faces and made sure they looked presentable, the same way parents do with their kids before a pediatrician visit. As both parents of kids and parents of furry kids, we want to put our best foot forward.
If a vet sees a visible problem that might indicate neglect such as matted fur or an unkempt appearance (which happened with our cat, Chloe, who at her advanced age cares little about her appearance). However, there are times when vets can ascertain surprising facts about our home life just by examining our pets.

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