This Week On Babble Pets: Get Ready For The Holidays!

I am getting in the Christmas spirit and even though it's not quite Thanksgiving, and I am stressing thinking about the many to-dos that need to get done over the next 4 weeks, I am still looking forward to it (and trying my very best to enjoy it and NOT STRESS!). As with anything that stresses me, I turn to my pups who calm me down and teach me patience and tranquility.

This week, I had a ridiculously fun assignment: check out what Petco and PetSmart are offering up for the holidays. Is there any quicker way to destress than by perusing cute little outfits and toys for dogs, cats, and even hamsters (yep, they are that small!).

Petco’s New Holiday Collection Is A Must For Pet Lovers! It has everything you could want as a pet lover.
The clothing is not only warm and rain-proof, but it is SO comfy. Some of the Fall collection pieces had better quality than the clothes I was wearing when I checked them out up close and personal at a local Petco Unleashed. The Christmas and Hanukkah toys are engaging and adorable and the indoor outfits will make you squeal at the sight of them. 


Over at PetSmart, they polled their Facebook readers to ask them what they wanted most of their holiday wishlist as pet lovers this year, and they granted us with a BABBLE PETS EXCLUSIVE: PetSmart Wishlist For Pet Lovers. The results are practical and crazy cute, from Bret Michaels Pets Rock Christmas toys and an electronic pet monitor to a thunder sweater (pictured above).

Happy Friday!

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