Vampiro The Chihuahua, Found Emaciated and Near Death, Gets A New Leash On Life

Vampiro The Chihuahua
This month is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ month, and organizations like the ASPCA is planning special events to honor and help even more animals. It’s the perfect time to tell you the story of Vampiro, a sweet Chihuahua who was found starving to death and sick.

This past January, Vampiro was abandoned at a pet store in Brooklyn, New York in this state (see photo).  The store called the NYC Animal Care & Control, who quickly picked him up and took him into immediate veterinarian care. The team of vets said Vampiro was “emaciated, dehydrated and suffering from an untreated skin ailment, all caused by prolonged inadequate nutrition.” He was also blind. They immediately administered Vampiro IV fluids, medication, water and food.

While the vets took over Vampiro’s medical care, the ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement Agents investigated his case and discovered that Vampiro was adopted by a Brooklyn woman, named Venus Laventure, back in 2006. They arrested her and  Laventure awaits trial on May 13. If she is convicted, she may face up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. I truly hope justice is served.
Now with tender, loving care, little Vampiro is a picture of health and has made a miraculous turnaround. He will soon be placed up for adoption.

Here is a photo of how this cute lil fella looks now: 

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