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House Hunting and Moving With Your Dog

Finding a new place to live when you have a dog can be quite an undertaking. It's definitely doable, but requires some  work. And moving is stressful, no matter when or how you do it. 

Moving with a dog can certainly add to the day's hassles but a little preparation can make the transition a little more smoother. 

Here is a guest post from Bernie The Boxer filled with tips on finding a home and prepping for moving day!

Your lovable, tail-wagging, slobbery dog might not look like a human, but she’s a member of your family. 
Until you perfect your Doggese, you’ll have to do your best anticipating her needs when house hunting, and especially on moving day itself.
Here are some tips for what to look for in a new home and how to keep your dog calm on moving day:
When Home Hunting:
1. Check Local Ordinances
When mulling the purchase of a potential home, get acquainted with county and city ordinances andregulations that guard the health and safety of pets and humans alike. Typically, under …

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