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The Potty Training Puppy Apartment: An Innovative, Modern Training System That Works!

Anyone who has ever had a dog knows that the most critical time of a puppy's life is potty training. How well you potty train your puppy will set the tone for your dog's lifetime potty habits...and if not done properly, can result in a stressful (and messy) existence for you both.

I am a huge believer in crate training. When I adopted my pup, Django, we started her on crate training immediately. She was 8 weeks old and just forming habits. She trained quite fast. In those first few days, I would never let her roam around freely unsupervised, and I put her out in our yard countless times a day. When I couldn't watch her, I would put her in her crate many times a day for short periods of time which worked incredibly well because puppies sleep so much.

Every single time, I took her out, I carried her to the yard before letting her walk around in the house. Like most all dogs, she would not have accidents in the bed she slept in. For her it was great (except those times I know she had to go and was rushing home to let her out) and I'm glad I did it because while she did have a couple of accidents in those early days, she has never had in accident in the house since being trained almost 7 years ago.

But, I have to admit the toll it took on me was consuming. For weeks, I was barely sleeping, always on alert to hear if she was up and need to go out. I put her out every morning at 5:30 am. To top it off, it was November and it was brutally cold. I liken that time to getting up at night with a new baby. Yes, it had to be done, but it was truly exhausting. I was just lucky enough to work from my home office. I wouldn't have been able to do it otherwise. I was also taking a risk by going against my vet's advice of keeping her indoors completely until she had all her shots. So I let her out in the cleanest part of my concrete yard for just a few minutes until she did her business, hurrying her along, in the cold, often in the dark, 10-12 times a day!

So when I saw the Potty Training Puppy Apartment®, I just wondered why this had not been invented sooner. This indoor puppy potty training solution has already successfully trained over 50,000 dogs, and many in as little as three days! It looks like a crate but, in fact, is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment for your puppy. An adjustable room divider creates a cozy bedroom for your puppy to sleep and a bathroom just outside to relieve him/herself on puppy training pads. So the puppy can sleep, get up at 3 am, urinate in the bathroom section, and cross over the room divider to go right back to sleep in their bed...without disturbing you.


Protect Your SiliDog With Innovative, New ID Pet Tag

I have a recurring dream. It’s a nightmare actually and I had it again last week. I was in my living room and we had company. Someone opened the front door and I watched my Django run outside (in slow motion, of course). There was nothing I could do as I watched. I’ve had this dream before and it most likely stems from when Django was a puppy. We were having a yard sale and as I opened the front door to bring out a box, she walked out beside me and ran to the tree in front of our house, which stands on a heavily trafficked street. She had no leash or collar on, and I tried my best to calmly call her name while walking intensely fast toward her, finally grabbing onto her and carrying her back inside. After my heart stopped beating a million miles a minute, I vowed to always keep her collar on with identifying tags. I’ve had a fear of her running away ever since.
When she goes for a walk, I triple check her harness and jangle her tags, making sure the one with our name and address is attached before we go. There are so many lost dogs my Facebook groups each morning and the ones that don’t have identifying information, are unfortunately usually sent to the Animal Care and Control Unit where, if not identified, are sadly, put to sleep. Sometimes, a good neighbor will post a photo of a lost dog and hold him/her until an owner is located.
Once back from our walk, I take her collar off because the clankety clunk of her constant movement about the house becomes grating. It seems Django has a knack for shaking her head or scratching her ear repeatedly when I’m trying to watch the most soft-spoken actor on TV or listen to my quietest friend on the phone. I’d like to keep her tags on all the time but hearing her traipse through our bedroom at night, and up and down the stairs, on and off the bed, rattles my sleep cycle. I know the safer thing to do is to keep her tags around her neck (on a comfortable, well fitted collar).
So when I heard about a different kind of dogtag, I was intrigued.


PAWSitively “Collaring” Cancer in Pets to Find a Cure

You never forget the loss of a pet. For the Benbasat brothers, the death of their dog inspired them to try to find a cure for cancer in pets and the formation of their own non-profit, PAWSitively Curing Cancer, Inc. 

The Benbasat boys have made a stand against the disease that brought suffering to the two-legged and four-legged members of their family. Brothers Josh and Bryce, now 15 and 12, decided that they’d had enough after the dreaded disease claimed the life of their dog, Sashi, five years ago. Having a grandmother who is a breast and lung cancer survivor made the brothers aware of the disease’s power to cause pain within a family. So the boys decided that it was time to think pink for pets.

The brothers did their research and what they learned about the prevalence of cancer among pets was an eye-opener: 50% of pets over the age of ten develop cancer. “Cancer is the number one disease-related killer of dogs and cats,” notes Josh Benbasat. With the memory of Sashi in mind, the brothers knew that other pet owners would want to do whatever they could to protect the pets they love. But they couldn’t find any organization whose mission focused on pets and cancer. That’s when they formed PAWSitively Curing Cancer, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for pet cancer research.


Busy Owners Need The Pet Planner

Pet Planner Launches In Time For The New Year
The Petter, the only planner, calendar and mini-scrapbook designed to keep track of pet’s schedules features fun animal facts, famous pet quotes notepads and a pet family tree.
‘Your pet has a life too’ is the tagline for The Petter – the only planner, calendar, and mini-scrapbook designed specifically to keep track of a pet’s schedule. The Petter, designed by Jeanie Galbreath, features pet family tree pages, animal facts and quotes, notepads, handy pockets for important documents and more. The Petter is currently available for the special pre-order price of $19 (including shipping and handling in the U.S.) on the official website,

Jeanie started Task Jeanie LLC, a virtual assistance company, in 2009. Recently she decided to branch out and create a product. “I’ve always loved datebooks and planners. I use one every day,” Jeanie said. “It just seemed logical for me to create a planner. But I wanted to create something that was unique, something that had not been done before.”


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