ASPCA Holiday Gifts For Dogs, Cats, and Pet Lovers Everywhere!

Holiday shopping can be grueling, but picking out gifts for our pets should be fun. And we should also remember that every purchase we make has the potential to either help or hurt animals. Most of us know that puppies sold in pet stores are products of puppy mills, so by buying a puppy, we can unknowingly and indirectly be supporting puppy mill cruelty.
However, we must also remember that when we patronize any store that sells puppies, even if we are buying a bone or a chew toy, we are helping fund puppy mills as well. (This ASPCA video explains it all.)
It goes without saying that a puppy is a lifelong commitment, not a holiday gift, and puppies and dogs should not be purchased as such. If your family has discussed getting a dog or a cat and are ready, willing, and able to open your home to a pet, please go to your local shelter and adopt.
Are you already a pet owner? Well, if you’re looking for mindful gifts for the pet or pet lover in your life, check out these ASPCA holiday gifts which will help fund the restoration and support of dogs and cats.
And if you’d like to make your own gifts, the ASPCA offers a few DIY gifts ideas as well. You can rest assured that each purchase towards the ASPCA helps our furry friends – it’s a win-win situation!
Check it all out here!

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