Could Greenies Be The Answer To Your Dog's Bad Breath?

When we adopted Hayley, she had been abused and neglected. Her fur was matted and had ticks. She was not potty trained and she would shutter in fear that we would hit her if we made any sudden movements. Furthermore, her teeth were in pretty bad shape. We did the best we could with cleaning them and by feeding her a good diet.

The vet recommended that we look into having her teeth surgically cleaned and restored, but frankly at the time, we just didn't have the additional funds to do it. She was much older than her given age and we were working hard on identifying and treating her medical conditions at the time.

All the while, we tried our best to brush her teeth and keep them clean.
At her age and state of health, we decided against putting through a surgery for her teeth. She wasn't in any pain but her breath was, oh, how do I say...terrible. So we tried many dental treats, specialty toothpastes, and nothing seemed to work. While looking in the dog treat aisle one day, we saw Greenies. The dental chews boast about being the #1 vet recommended dental chew that cleans teeth and freshens breath so we figured we would try it. Hayley immediately loved (became obsessed) with them. Django, who at three years of age, still has perfect teeth adores them, too. They have a nice, minty scent, which I thought dogs might not like but soon found out I was quite wrong.

Greenies are no replacement for a vet visit and if you suspect your dog has dental disease, a trip to the vet is required. Yet they are a nice treat that dogs seem to love and they are designed to wipe away built up plague and tartar just by chewing, which is so helpful for dogs that just will not allow a toothbrush to go near them.

Have you used Greenies. Did your dogs like them and did they help his/her teeth?

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