Hysterical: Maymo The Lemon Beagle and His Bad Deeds (Video)

maymo Hysterical: Maymo The Lemon Beagle and His Bad Deeds (Video)
Watch Maymo fess up to his poor doggy behavior.
Our dog Django has a thing for olives. I don’t quite know what the thing is… if you give her one, she’ll gladly take it and then throw herself on the floor and roll around on top of it.
I’m not sure if she hates them and is trying to steamroll them to mush or if she absolutely adores them so much that she needs to romp around on them.
So when I saw what Maymo, the lemon beagle, does in this video with pickles, I was immediately drawn to it. Um, Maymo has some other odd behavior, too.
He hoards water bottles and gets stuck in slinkys. Oh yes, he also has an extreme fascination for sniffing sneakers. Maymo would be the kid in the class who gets into trouble everyday in a new (albeit entertaining) way.
Watch the video here at Babble Pets...

Hilarious: Guilty Dog Hides In Shower (Video)

innocent guilty dog 300x225 Hilarious: Guilty Dog Hides In Shower (Video)
This dog cannot even look at her owner.
One of my favorite videos of all time is Denver the Guilty Dog.
He was the dog who stole treats when his owner wasn’t home and when the owner came back, well, Denver just could not hide his shame.
Now we have another ashamed canine  character. This sneaky (yet adorable) dog, Berlin apparently chewed up her owner’s sheets when he wasn’t home. Then when he discovered her misdeed, and questioned her, she ran into the shower stall to hide her guilty face.
Watch the YouTube video entitled “Innocent Until Proven Guilty Dog” here.

Slap In The Face To Animals Everywhere: Michael Vick Gets A Dog

MV dog 281x300 Slap In The Face To Animals Everywhere: Michael Vick Gets A Dog
Vick didn't realize a box of dog biscuits was in view when he tweeted this photo.
It doesn’t take a genius to point out that Michael Vick being allowed to own a dog again is the worst outcome possible for a convicted animal abuser.
In recent years, Vick has repeatedly whined about how it just wasn’t right that his kids couldn’t grow up with a dog. Then it was discovered he owned a dog again. He didn’t announce it until he was caught red-handed with a box of Milkbones on his kitchen table in a photo that he tweeted. When reporters asked him, he initially tried to weasel out of answering, but eventually fessed up to having a dog.
It’s a travesty that Vick can legally own a dog again.
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Meatless Monday: Do It!

If you aren't vegetarian just yet, can you consider just joining in on the Meatless Mondays campaign? 

You'll be surprised how much you won't miss it! 

I saw Morrissey on Saturday and it reaffirmed my belief in being vegetarian all the more. (More to come about the show)...

New Meaning To Your Dog Is Family: Django Just Can't Be Left Out!

If you've read about Django, our black Lab, you've probably gathered by now that she has to be included in everything.

She get dressed up to go out (hoping to flirt with her BF Henry down the block):

She takes a seat at the table:

Now she had to get her hair done like the rest of us girls in the family:

Oh yeah, Django is one smart pup.... and she knows it!

Tips To Help Picky Canine Eaters Satisfy Their Appetite

Django, taking a seat at the kitchen table, thinking those sad eyes will elicit  her own plate.

When we adopted our black Lab mix, Django as an eight-week-old puppy, she was a typical growing and starving pup. As soon as I placed her puppy food in the bowl, she would basically inhale it. Literally, she ingested her entire meal in less than 10 seconds. I waited for her to bring it all back up the first couple of times, wondering how any lil dog could eat that fast, but she never did.

Back then, she was eating three times a day and did this same ritualistic scarfing every single time. Could she have worms? Why was she always so hungry?

On a trip to the vet for shots, I related this story to our vet.

"Then she'll inhale her food in 10 seconds. Is this normal?" I asked.  "And how can I teach her to not eat so much and so fast?"

"She's a growing puppy," Dr. Montella explained, "Feed her more."


If I fed her more, I feared I might go through a whole bag of food by 10 am. But that wouldn't happened, Dr. Montella assured me. Once she was full, she'd eventually stop. She just needs a little more food now that she is growing so quickly
, he said.

Since I trusted him, I did what he suggested. Lo and behold, a few weeks later, Django had calmed down her eating habits and began eating more slowly and a little less.

Given her puppy appetite, I would have never imagined that by age 2, she'd be a picky eater, but that is exactly what she has become. I'll feed her in the morning (she only eats twice a day now) and her food will stay in her bowl all day long. By the time dinner rolls around, I'll go to fill up her bowl and find that it has not been touched. Throughout the day, she'll sit or lay down next to me and I'll hear her stomach growl, even loudly over the TV sometimes. Why wouldn't she eat? Hadn't I been supplying her with the best dog food? I thought I had and was sure paying premium bucks thinking I was doing so.

This went on for weeks and I tried a lot of different dog food brands. I noticed that she would immediately eat anything from the table so she wasn't sick. But what was the deal with the self imposed doggierexia?

After a few months, I was at my wit's end, desperately wanting her to enjoy hearty meals again, not just a taste of table food here and there. Although she would eat anything we'd hand her of our own food, I didn't want her to get into the habit of giving her table food. I wanted to find the best brand of dog food that she actually enjoyed. The problem was that, like people food, some of the junkier dog foods were not healthy.

It was through trial and error, I learned her picky preferences. After buying nearly every  dog food brand in the store, she finally settled on two brands. The rest of the brands that Django disapproved of ended up being devoured by our Chihuahua, Hayley. If allowed to eat indiscriminately, Hayley would probably never stop. In fact, if you remember the story of Obie the obese Dachshund, you'd recognize Hayley's eating potential.

Here are some tips for the even the pickiest pup:

Remember that raising a picky dog is a lot like raising a picky child. With both, you must keep serving the nutritious food they need because it takes a few times eating something before a preference for it grows. 

Resist the urge to just hand out table food, unless you want to do that forever which is not a good idea because it will not be a balanced diet for your dog.

Serve a few different dog food brands with varying textures, both canned and dry. Many dogs enjoy a mix of both.

Have patience. Finding the right food that your picky dog will eat might not happen overnight. But when your patience pays off in the form of a healthy and happy dog, it will be worth it all.

Mama Mastiff Raises Baby Chimp (Photos)

chimp dog 1 300x224  Mama Mastiff Raises Baby Chimp (Photos)
Mama and her "baby"
In a strange turn of events, a baby chimp whose mother died suddenly ended up living with a Mastiff who had just given birth to her own pups.
The combination resulted in nothing short of beautiful.
A Reddit user posted these photos online and here is the explanation of this odd pairing.
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Stingray Photobomb Is Too Creepy To Be Real…But It Is! (PHOTO)

stingray smile 300x199 Stingray Photobomb Is Too Creepy To Be Real…But It Is! (PHOTO)
Looks like the stingray is just one of the gals.
Photobombs are ridiculously fun to look, especially when they involve children or animals. Our black lab Django is often the photobomber of our family inserting herself into many a snapshots.
This photobomb involving a stingray and three vacationing women is just too much to absorb.
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Obie the Obese Dachshund Got A Facebook Page (PHOTOS)

560459 362639830479886 2044274645 n 300x300 Obie the Obese Dachshund Got A Facebook Page (PHOTOS)
Adorable Obie
Remember the story of Obie?
He’s the 5-year-old dachshund who was rescued by a Portland resident when it was discovered that he was basically being fed to death by his elderly owners.
One of the owners’ relatives pleaded for someone to help rescue the dachshund mix and that’s just what Nora Vanatta did when she heard about the dog’s plight.
At a whopping 77 pounds, the dog named Obie by Vanatta, was on the fast track to an early death and labeled as the world’s heaviest dachshund.
Red the full story at Disney's Babble Pets...

Django Unleashed: Not Sure That Will Ever Happen

IMG 2587 300x300 Django Unleashed: Not Sure That Will Ever Happen
Don't let her innocent looks fool you. Behind that cool smile is a loose cannon who, without a leash, would be gone at the first squirrel sighting.
When my son heard me talking about the movie Django Unchained, set to premiere around Christmas this year, he said he wanted to take a video of our black lab Django and show her running around our yard without a leash.
That would be our version of Django Unchained because she is never, ever leash-less in public.
I don’t think I’d ever get to the point where I’d be comfortable with her off a leash. As it is now, she is wild on a leash. Although she’ll soon be two years old, she is one spirited pup and gets overly excited at other dogs, squirrels, birds… you name it.
However, over at Vetstreet, Mikkel Becker explains that dogs love to be off a leash and run around freely. Since some dogs were bred to run and chase, running is basically in their blood. Other breeds don’t mind staying close to their owners. As with many other things, you’ve got to know your dog before you consider letting him run about freely.
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Amazing: Bulldog Meets Trampoline (VIDEO)

mudd 300x168 Amazing: Bulldog Meets Trampoline (VIDEO)
Mudd gearing up for his routine.
Bulldogs aren’t what you might consider the most physically active dogs.
In fact, many of them are more than happy to find a quiet spot in the corner and become a couch potato all day long.
But not so for Mudd the bulldog.
In a YouTube video entitled (what else?)Presenting…Mudd The Wonder Dog, fun-loving Mudd is placed on a backyard trampoline by his owners who seem to be just tickled by his enthusiasm.
Once on the contraption, Mudd proceeds to run around on it, sort of half jumping and fast walking at the same time.
Then he starts his routine. Mudd starts to do somersaults and sideflips.
In just three weeks, the video already has over two million hits.
See for yourself:

Pig Saves Baby Goat: Too Incredible To Witness

pig 300x168 Pig Saves Baby Goat: Too Incredible To Witness
Heroic lil pig
Have you ever seen something that restored your faith in the world? I think I just did.
A baby goat became trapped in the water at a petting zoo and had no idea how to save himself. He was screaming and screeching in horror.
The person filming the video called out for help but before anyone could come, something purely amazing happened.
That’s when a pig, (yes a pig!) leaped in the water and literally saved his goat buddy by pushing his body out and showing him where to go.
I am making none of this up and I’m telling that even when you see the video, you still may not believe it. I still don’t myself.
All I can think of is Babe. Remember how humanlike the pigs were and how it broke your heart when Babe was almost slaughtered? Real-life pigs couldn’t be like that, I thought…until now.
Watch the video for yourself and then tell me your immediate reaction in the comment section below.
Mine was sheer and utter joy. 
What a way to start a morning!