Desperate Attempt To Rescue Whale Washed Up At New York’s Breezy Point (Video)

Desperate Attempt To Rescue Whale Washed Up At New York’s Breezy Point (Video)  via Babble
Rescuers attempt to save beached whale.
This morning, a baleen-mouthed whale washed up on the shore of New York’s Breezy Point, and now desperate attempts are being made to save its life.
Just after 8 a.m. today, Breezy resident Lou Bassolino went out on a coffee run and thought he spotted a cap-sized boat but upon further inspection, he realized it was a whale that had beached itself.
He quickly went back home to get his family to help come save the animal and soon after, other volunteers and the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation were on the scene frantically trying to save the whale, reports the NY Daily News:
“It’s a beautiful whale,” said volunteer Ed Manley, one of the rescuers at Beach 216th St. “I think she’s carrying a baby. It’s a shame. I hope we can save her.”
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Boston Terrier Puppy So Excited To Eat, He Tips Over (Video)

Watching a puppy eat can be one of the purest forms of joy. You have the sloppy eaters who devour the entire bowl in seconds. Yep, that’s my Django. Then there are puppies who get fall asleep in their bowls or slowly edge their bowls into strange positions and places. 

Of all the strange puppy eating videos, I have yet to see one like this.

This Boston Terrier is so excited to eat that he slowly raises his back legs up in the air between bites. I’m not sure if he is doing leg lifts or trying to take off. Either way, he’s adorable.

Watch the video here:

The Most Heartwarming Pet Stories of 2012

The Most Heartwarming Pet Stories of 2012 via BabbleThere have been countless times in 2012 when I will stumble upon a pet story that not only puts a smile on my face, but gets me out a seemingly bad day. Animals have that unique ability to soothe, comfort and relax. And they can also make you laugh hysterically in a way that nothing else can.
Like so many of you, I would be utterly lost without my furry family  and I am thrilled to be able to write about animals every single day here at Babble Pets.
So I’ve compiled a gathering of the absolute most heartwarming pet stories I’ve covered in 2012. Some will make you laugh out loud and others might cause you to shed a tear. Each one showcases a beautiful and special animal!

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Dog Confessions: The Day After The Holiday Office Party (Photos)

Dog Confessions: The Day After The Holiday Office Party (Photos) via BabbleWe all know how quickly the holiday office party can descend into a drunken escapade in which inhibitions are lost faster than the speed of lightning.
When you’ve got a group of professional people letting their hair (or fur) down and celebrating, commiserating, and perhaps, arguing, some embarrassing things are bound to happen. These doggies can relate.
You see, they had one heck of a par-tay last night and now in the light of day, they’ve got some major ‘splainin’ to do.
Click here to read the doggie confessions after the big office party:

10 Cool Cats Visiting Santa (Photos)

If you remember how we brought you 12 adorable photos of dogs visiting Santa last week, then you might recall their impish grins and slap-happy smiles when they met the big guy.
So to be fair, we wanted to bring the same for our feline aficionados. However, what we found is quite the opposite.
In fact, not only do these cats looks unimpressed with St. Nick, some of them look like they want his job for themselves.
Animal lovers know there is a big difference between cats and dogs, and now Santa knows it , too!

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What One Dog Does For Food: Merengue, Anyone? (VIDEO)

My dogs have to sit for a biscuit or treat. I never imagined teaching them to do a dance.

This video of a Chihuahua dancing for his supper is nothing short of magic. The little paws going back and forth, the bushy tail swooshing about and the Gloria Estefan in the background, well, they are perfection.

Here’s how the owner summed up his amazingly hysterical video on YouTube:

My Chihuahua Sloopy, after our thanksgiving meal started dancing for the plate of turkey on the counter! He kept dancing so I put on some Miami Sound Machine and let him get busy!

Words can’t describe, watch for yourself and then pass it along to someone who needs a laugh.

New ASPCA Video: Puppies Are Not Toys

Most animal lovers know that many puppy mills are the sites of unspeakable acts against dogs. Still, many people who think about getting a dog immediately consider buying a puppy from a pet store rather than adopting one from a shelter. While they may mean well, they might not realize that puppies from pet stores are most likely the products of puppy mills and by patronizing the pet store, they are unknowingly and indirectly supporting puppy mill cruelty.

In addition, whenever any of us with dogs buy toys, holiday gifts or bones from pet stores that sell puppies, we are also financially helping support puppy mills.
The ASPCA is dedicated to changing that, and their new video campaign, entitled “No Pet Store Puppies” aims to “educate the public about the connection between pet stores and puppy mills so that they always consider adoption as their first option.”

The goal of the video is to remind people that when shopping in pet stores for puppy gifts, they should not shop in pet stores that sell puppies.

Watch the video below and to learn more about this campaign, visit the ASPCA website. If you want to take the pledge to stand up against puppy mill cruelty, click here.

Simply Amazing: New Zealand SPCA Teaches Dogs To Drive Cars

Simply Amazing: New Zealand SPCA Teaches Dogs To Drive Cars via Babble
You can bet this proud pooch obeys all the driving laws.
You know those people who look down on shelter pets? The ones who say that they will get their pet only from a reputable pet store? Well, they couldn’t be more wrong on two counts. First of all, reputable pet stores don’t sell puppies because stores who do get their animals from cruel puppy mills and have no concern for their well-being, other than to make a fast buck.
Secondly, shelter animals not only become some of the sweetest members of the family, but many are highly intelligent and trainable. The New Zealand SPCA knows this and wanted to change the public’s awareness and view of the typical shelter dog, so they decided to teach a few adoptable dogs something a bit tough. The goal: prove the simple yet overlooked fact that bringing home a dog from a shelter can one of the best things you’ll ever do.
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Watch The Inspiring Story of Billy, The Chihuahua, A Puppy Mill Rescue (Video)

I know there is a special place in heaven for animal rescuers. Everyday they work continuously to help the helpless animals who would otherwise have absolutely no one they can count on to save them from their dire situations. Puppy mill rescuers in particular are my heroes. So, when I was sent this video from the Humane Society detailing the story of Billy the Chihuahua, and Adam, his rescuer, I was moved to tears.

Adam is just one of the many fearless and compassionate heroes who go into puppy mills to rescue the neglected (and often abused) puppies in them. When Adam and his team investigated a puppy mill in North Carolina, they found several puppies that were left to live their lives in filthy and inhumane conditions.

Then Adam discovered Billy’s cage.

This tiny lil guy was found severely underweight, and was so malnourished that half of his bottom jaw was missing. I don’t know how, but even through all that, this sweet pup was happy after Adam pried open the cage in which Billy was kept because the lock had rusted over. Adam says that he had probably lived his entire life in that cage and was only sporadically slipped food in between the bars.

“When I got this little guy out, he laid his head on my shoulder and I felt responsible for him and I felt responsible for making sure that he was never going to have to suffer like that again.”

Adam adopted Billy and says he is amazed at how quickly Billy has responded and managed to retain a loving heart.

Our own Chihuahua, Hayley, could be Billy’s (larger) clone. When we adopted her, she was in bad shape, severely abused, matted, and full of ticks. Like Billy, she was pitiful and loving, and her long tongue hung out of her crooked mouth when she smiled. She was needy and just needed someone to love her.

It is a shame what these poor pups endure in puppy mills, which is why it is vital that animal lovers step up and try to close them down.

To make a donation to the Human Society, click here. For more on puppy mills, read the post New ASPCA Video: Puppies Are Not Toys.

Watch the beautiful story of Billy and Adam below:

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