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New ASPCA Video: Puppies Are Not Toys

Most animal lovers know that many puppy mills are the sites of unspeakable acts against dogs. Still, many people who think about getting a dog immediately consider buying a puppy from a pet store rather than adopting one from a shelter. While they may mean well, they might not realize that puppies from pet stores are most likely the products of puppy mills and by patronizing the pet store, they are unknowingly and indirectly supporting puppy mill cruelty. In addition, whenever any of us with dogs buy toys, holiday gifts or bones from  pet stores that sell puppies , we are also financially helping support puppy mills. The ASPCA is dedicated to changing that, and their new video campaign, entitled “No Pet Store Puppies” aims to “educate the public about the connection between pet stores and puppy mills so that they always consider adoption as their first option.” The goal of the video is to remind people that when shopping in pet stores for puppy gifts, they should not shop

Watch The Inspiring Story of Billy, The Chihuahua, A Puppy Mill Rescue (Video)

I know there is a special place in heaven for animal rescuers. Everyday they work continuously to help the helpless animals who would otherwise have absolutely no one they can count on to save them from their dire situations. Puppy mill rescuers in particular are my heroes. So, when I was sent this video from the Humane Society detailing the story of Billy the Chihuahua, and Adam, his rescuer, I was moved to tears. Adam is just one of the many fearless and compassionate heroes who go into puppy mills to rescue the neglected (and often abused) puppies in them. When Adam and his team investigated a puppy mill in North Carolina, they found several puppies that were left to live their lives in filthy and inhumane conditions. Then Adam discovered Billy’s cage. This tiny lil guy was found severely underweight, and was so malnourished that half of his bottom jaw was missing. I don’t know how, but even through all that, this sweet pup was happy after Adam pried open the cage in