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Pool Fun With The Pups

Django getting used to the pool How are your pups surviving this heat and humidity?  We actually got ours a kiddie pool, Hello Kitty to be exact. I know, I know, getting a dog a Hello Kitty pool isn't exactly the brightest idea, but it was a particularly hot day and we were roaming around the neighborhood in search of something the could cool off in while the kids were in the bog pool. We arrived at Walgreens and it was either this or a Spiderman pool which my daughters did not like for our little girls.

July 4th Safety Tips For Dogs

Oh, July 4 th … while we humans look forward to barbecues and fireworks, it remains a day that many of our precious pups dread. The houseguests, hot temperatures, and noisy bottle rockets can drive some dogs into a panic. On top of that, my dogs usually won’t use the yard to relieve themselves between the hours of about 6pm until whenever the big bangs are over which can be anywhere from 1-4am. But still, they’d much rather hold it than go outside. More than being uncomfortable,  July 4 th  is the day  more than all others during the year  that dogs get lost. It’s also a day that many dogs get injured. Here are a few must-know safety tips to protect your dog this Independence Day: Getting Lost: As mentioned above, July 4th is the worst day for dogs getting lost. The loud fireworks scare many dogs and that combined with have company over and distracted owners, is a recipe for disaster. The top three breeds that run away are Labrador Retrievers, Chihuahuas and the Pit Bulls