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Pet Awareness: Tips on Working with Your Pet's Energy


Many of us have a spiritual connection with our dogs. If you'd like to learn more about how to zone in on your dog's energy and communicate better with him/her, read on and enjoy this guest post from psychic medium, Linda Lauren:

By Linda Lauren

The more I work with pets and their owners, the more I realize how out of touch so many people are with the concept of communication with them. There are two basic forms: one is verbal and/or through command; the other is psychic and telepathic in nature. When you are communicating with your pet telepathically, you are creating a direct dialog that will help to convey the necessary information between you.

In my experience, when the owner taps into the energy of their pet they are able to connect the dots to better understand their wants and needs.

Here are three things to keep in mind to help bring awareness to your communication:

1. Pay attention to your pet's physical mannerisms, especially during reprimand. If your pet is squinting his/her eyes during a correction in behavior, that is a sign of fear and indicates your pet may have been previously abused. This knowledge will help you to avoid the triggers that create fear for them.

2. If you have a pet that is walked on a leash, then please be aware that it is safer to train your pet to walk beside you or slightly in front of you and to your right or left side, never behind you. I have seen too many injuries that could have been avoided if the owner was more aware of the leash. That leash is your lifeline to your pet and your need to pay attention and use it properly. It's worth the payment of lessons with a good trainer.

3. Finally, we come to sound. Give yourself and your pet time to develop a deeper connection by tuning into the sounds they make and why they make them. What does your pet sound like when happy or sad or in pain? That information is powerful because it is one of the most important ways your pet communicates with you. Tune in and discover what they are really conveying to you.

There is, indeed, a great deal you and your pet can "converse" about to form a communication bond. Be open, accepting and receptive to them, and ask them questions to illicit response. You can feel free to enjoy the conversations with your pet, but remember that it's just as important to have his/her feedback if you wish to have a long, happy life together.

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Linda Lauren is a 4th generation psychic medium, commonly referred to as the Travel Psychic™, who runs and operates Linda Lauren's Embracing The Universe Center in Mountainside, NJ.


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