Affording Grain Free Dog Food: It IS Doable!

It wasn't until a few years ago that I heard about a gluten free diet. My daughter, Kate, lives with Hashimoto's Disease and one of the many ailments of the disease is what they call leaky gut. Hashimoto patients are advised to stay away from gluten to help improve their digestion and stomach trouble. At the time, I knew very little about it but now we are pros. Of course, some people also go gluten free for weight loss and overall health but for us, having a gluten free diet is vital to Kate's well-being. 

As I've mentioned before, Kate and Hayley, our chihuahua, have a super special bond. Kate notices when any little thing is bothering Hayley. Over the past year, Hayley has had a less than normal stomach. Without getting in the gory details, her bowels are unpredictable at times. Since Kate knows what it's like to live with stomach pain, she naturally feels bad for her. 

We've tried different foods and some are better than others. Of course, some are more expensive than others, too. We have tried to big popular brand name dog foods only to have Hayley's stomach become worse. At her age (10+), we know it may have something to do with her advanced years but plenty to do with what she eats, especially since she has been given a clean bill of health from our vet. So you would think that I would have considered a long time ago what I'm about to write, but I didn't. 

I never tried grain free dog food before. Honestly, I never knew it even existed. And I should have, especially considering that so much of our family's health has been centered around eating gluten free.

Over the course of trying various dog foods, I have discovered a few things:

—The vet's office is almost the most expensive place to purchase it. 
—Online ordering almost always gives you the best deals.
—Buying bulk is cheaper.

I am going to try Diamond Naturals Grain Free food. It comes in a dry kibble and contains no grains. This is a huge advantage because dogs were not meant to consume grains. While their bodies can digest grains, they do not do so as efficiently as they do proteins and fats. Also, if you consider how horrendous our human food supply has been pumped with GMOs and by products that hurt our bodies, you can just imagine how much of them are placed in dog food.

Grain free dog food is also easier on dogs with food sensitivities including allergies and itchy skin.

Their grain-free formula contains a protein blend with real chicken, beef, and fish to promote lean body and amino acids build-up, a prebiotic fiber made of dried chicory root to help support healthy digestion, fruits and vegetables, omega fatty acids and an antioxidant formula. Sweet potatoes provide the carbohydrates necessary. The varieties offered are Beef & Sweet Potato, Chicken & Sweet Potato, Whitefish & Sweet Potato.

The difference in my daughter since not consuming gluten is astounding. I'm eager to see positive changes in Hayley.

Have you tried grain free dog food?

Image: Amanda Sullivan

This post is sponsored by Diamond Naturals. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Diamond Naturals Grain Free dog food, but Some Puppy To Love only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Diamond Naturals is not responsible for the content of this article.

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