This Week On Babble Pets: Tiny Puppies and Sweet Lion and Doxie Love!!

Writing about animals is joy and very often I get to put together adorable slideshows of puppies and dogs so cute that they make you happy just looking at them. This week's "Sweetest Puppies: Tiny, Teacup, and Toy!" is definitely one of them. 

Here is a photo from it below, but every one if a must-see in my opinion.

Another heartwarmer is the beautiful story of a 500 pound lion named Bonedigger who suffered from a degenerative bone disease that left him mildly crippled, "So Sweet! Lion Forms Inseparable Bond With Three Dachshunds (Video)"

Holidays Hazards And Your Pets: Tips To Keep Them Safe!

From munching on colorful holiday light bulbs to ingesting chocolate treats intended for human consumption, pets are exposed to a variety of dangerous objects during the holiday season. In 2012, Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI) policyholders spent more than $24.3 million on medical conditions commonly associated with the holidays. 

As the season approaches, VPI reminds pet owners of the potential dangers presented to our four-legged companions. 

Below are the most common holiday hazards for pets:

This Week On Babble Pets: Get Ready For The Holidays!

I am getting in the Christmas spirit and even though it's not quite Thanksgiving, and I am stressing thinking about the many to-dos that need to get done over the next 4 weeks, I am still looking forward to it (and trying my very best to enjoy it and NOT STRESS!). As with anything that stresses me, I turn to my pups who calm me down and teach me patience and tranquility.

This week, I had a ridiculously fun assignment: check out what Petco and PetSmart are offering up for the holidays. Is there any quicker way to destress than by perusing cute little outfits and toys for dogs, cats, and even hamsters (yep, they are that small!).

Petco’s New Holiday Collection Is A Must For Pet Lovers! It has everything you could want as a pet lover.

Surprising Fact Vets Can Reveal About Your Home From Examining Your Pet

Surprising Fact Vets Can Reveal
From today's Babble Pets:
This past weekend was our second consecutive Saturday spent at our vet’s office. Django had an eye inflammation and ear infection. Both were itchy and driving her crazy. Hayley had a gooey eye (which turned out to be a bacterial infection different from Django’s).
Last week, they were examined and treated; this week was reserved for a progress check-up and annual shots. Each time, before our appointment, I cleaned their faces and made sure they looked presentable, the same way parents do with their kids before a pediatrician visit. As both parents of kids and parents of furry kids, we want to put our best foot forward.
If a vet sees a visible problem that might indicate neglect such as matted fur or an unkempt appearance (which happened with our cat, Chloe, who at her advanced age cares little about her appearance). However, there are times when vets can ascertain surprising facts about our home life just by examining our pets.

Safety is #DiamondNaturals Priority (Just Like Ours!), Plus Big #Giveaway!

The top priority of pet owners when it comes to food is making sure that what we feed our pups is safe. With the recent and scary outbreak of dog deaths due to jerky treats (in which they still can't identify a specific culprit), food safety is at the forefront in the minds of many pet owners. And then we naturally consider nutrition.

When a pet food company clearly identifies their ingredients, and they are natural and pure, it is a big plus in my book. With my chihuahua, Hayley, entering her senior years, it is even more important that we feed her the most natural ingredients. You might recall we decided on Diamond Naturals Grain Free food a couple of months ago. I'm happy to report that the food definitely does seem to be helping Hayley's digestive issues.

When it comes to safety, it puts my mind to rest to know that the company has developed a comprehensive food safety system in which "every aspect of the manufacturing process at Diamond Pet Foods is tested and monitored. 

For example, in each of the company’s facilities, over 1,300 microbiological tests are conducted every week, including finished product tests, in-process tests and sanitation-verification tests." They also have a "test and hold" program where food samples are collected and tested, and then kept for the whole shelf life of that product, which typically runs for 12 months. I don't understand why more pet food companies do not instill these strict procedures, especially when what a dog ingests has the potential to kill an animal.

10 Hungry Dogs Who Want A Seat At Thanksgiving Dinner! (Photos)

hungry dogs, thanksgiving dogs
Three Thanksgivings ago, we had Django just a week or two when we sat down to have our Thanksgiving meal. At barely eight weeks, adorable Django was inconsolable at being left alone in her crate in the adjoining room. At that time, however, she was inconsolable at being left anywhere without us in her newborn state. And honestly, I wanted to be with her as much as possible, too! Still, the scrumptious aroma of Thanksgiving dinner with all of its trimmings didn't help her longing to be at the table.

I made a compromise and brought her lil crate in beside my chair and then held her in my lap when I was finished eating. She was definitely the center of attention that year. Over time, she has learned her place in the family and while she will sit close by our table, she won't pester us or any guests by begging for food....much. Of course, she does put on a truly pathetic, and perhaps perfected, look on her face that beckons a person to give her a little taste of something. (See it for yourself in the link to the slideshow below- she is number 4!).