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Feeling Inspired? Try #InspiredbyCrafted Hill's Ideal Balance ($7 COUPON!)

This post is sponsored by Hill’s. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s® Ideal Balance® CRAFTED, but Some Puppy To Love only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

I’ve always been a curious kid. It is the reason, I believe, why I became a writer. I love nothing more than learning about how things come to be. Learning about the new Hill's Ideal Balance™ Crafted® line the past few months has been informative and helpful as a dog owner. But more than that, it’s been inspiring. 

To think that years ago, the quality of dog food was rarely ever mentioned…it’s an unsettling thought. Whether pet food contained natural ingredients was not on the minds of most pet companies, and the process by which it was made was certainly not a priority, except perhaps, in the respect of cost value. So a dog food company that dedicated a new line entirely to an innovative wholesome, slow cooked type of food for your precious pup was a novel thought to me.

From a very early age, I loved dogs. I mean, I was obsessed with dogs and taking care of them. I would often sneak mini meals (made from my own plate) on paper plates to my dogs when my mother was at work. I also put my Rottweiler puppy in my own baby pram and walked her up and down the block, much to the surprise of many old ladies on my block who peeked in the carriage. My dogs sported bandanas and sometimes nail polish, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with them on a daily basis by doing whatever came to mind.

These memories stirred up as I was working on sharing the cooking process of Hill’s Ideal Balance, and it motivated me to conjure up the creativity I so freely shared when I was a child. It also stirred me to nudge my kids along in their own imagination by going back to the basics, cutting out all the social media noise and simply taking quiet time to create. Last week, the kids went biking while I walked Django. They rode, then would come back and gather around the park benches and talk, laugh, have a snack and a drink. 

Out of those quiet afternoons, came the questions surrounding the tall oaks that showcase our playground followed by drawings of the trees later at home. Another day brought impromptu games involving laps around the swings and Django becoming the referee. Django took the opportunity to spend time alone with me as the kids rode and became my ever-stellar companion, as always. The best things in life and the best ideas are rarely glitzy, loud, and over the top. Usually, they are simple but innovative.

Django thinks she's human so it's only natural she takes a seat beside me!

I tend to patronize companies whose core beliefs reflect my own and Hill’s has become a staple of my dogs diet for their simple yet innovative method of creating dog food. When I pour their kibble, often through bleary eyes in the early morning, it eases me to see the light colored, vegetable laden food fall into their bowls.

Check out this video, based on the Ideal Balance dog food shows the height of creativity as Toni Ellison creates miniature polymer clay dog food. The detail is amazing.

If you’d like to try Ideal Balance, click here for a coupon for $7 off a Crafted Product.

To learn more about Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted pet foods, find them here:
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